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Man and Van Croydon Movers
We are a locally owned and managed removal company in Croydon. The goal behind our business establishment is simple and straight forward – to provide residential and commercial customers with affordable, quality relocation services at any time.

Given the nature of the industry, we had to create a flexible and adequate business format that actually provided customers with the right type of service without having to pay excessive fees and rates. We say no to hidden fees and unmentioned charges as we know how annoying and discouraging those can be for our customers and the business in general.

What makes us the best removal company in Croydon is our attention to detail and our courteous customer service and approach. We pay attention to all of our customers’ requirements and take into consideration their opinion and their views on how the job should be carried out. Having been part of the removal industry in the past, all our office staff and all our mobile mover teams are well aware of what’s to be done and how to go about it. Another aspect that we wanted to improve on, in order to set us apart from other service providers is punctuality and availability.

We know how much if a nuisance it is to call up a company only to find out that they have no available trucks or crews in the area at the requested time or day. This is why we made sure we have sufficient number of transport vehicles and the necessary manpower to get the job done when you need it to be. The other main reason why we consider ourselves to be the best removal company in Croydon is our punctuality record, which is next to perfect. We arrange appointment hours and schedules in order to optimize our daily tasks but not to overburden our removal crews. This in turn allows for quick response times, no delays and on time arrivals and deliveries, every time and everyday.

If you as a customer are still wondering whether or not it is better to do your own moving or use the service of a removal company Croydon residents can confirm that we can make it happen quicker, cheaper and with no hassle to you what so ever. The other thing that we pay special attention to is our customer approach and service, we may be a moving company in Croydon but we are not rough around the edges, all our staff are professionally trained and have an exceptional customer approach. The same applies to our removal crews and drivers – friendly and courteous attitude at all times.

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